Analytics with Excel

In an era of digital transformation, data becomes the key to competitive advantage for both private and public sector to turn data into information & information to impact. So it's clear that data is now a key business asset that needs to have a broad understanding of the many connected & interdependent parts of a complex information ecosystem. Thus keeping in mind the era of digital transformation we believe that everyone should be able to take the competitive advantage, we have designed this course in way that you don't have to be a mathematician or data scientist to take the leverage of data, with simple concepts yet powerful to analyse hidden insights & patterns.
Analytics with Excel

Learning outcome

The topics of this course is all about understanding the fundamental importance and the scope of analytics from large organizations to startup.

  • Learn the interdisciplinary concepts of analytics with the help of success stories.

  • Become familiar of other companies using analytics as a core part of success stories.

  • Understand why and how analytics is so important in every profession.

Course curriculum

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