Big Data Technologies

The technology of tomorrow.

Every day, we create Exabyte’s of data so much that 90% of data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. With a growth of 60% structured and unstructured data that are so voluminous and complex that traditional data processing application software are inadequate to deal with them. Thus big data technology has a promising future that will leverage the three “ V’s ” of big data - volume, variety and velocity or the frequency at which data is generated and captured and augment the values of data for an organization.
Big Data Technologies

What you'll learn

This course features on:

  • Leading Edge Technologies

    Learn and master Big Data analytics in world's leading Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

  • Big Data Automation

    Learn to automate the work flow of structured & unstructured as well as streaming data.

  • Real World Case Studies

    Get hands-on experience on how to solve problems with real world big data sets.

Learning Outcome

The course covers 80+ modules of full guide from implementing Hadoop ecosystems to analyzing big data real world problems.

  • Learn the architecture of Hadoop, Map Reduce, YARN, Hadoop Distribution File System, Name node check-pointing, Hadoop Rack Awareness in detail.

  • Master and perform big data analysis with on-demand big data tools like PIG, HIVE, Impala and automate to stream live data & workflow with Flume and Scoop.

  • Control parallel processing and create User Define Functions to automate the scripting language without writing a line of code.

  • Master and perform External Table to share the data among different applications and even partition the table for faster processing. Follow our program syllabus in course curriculum to know more in detail.

Featured Instructor

Our expert instructors are here to support you

  • Rupak Roy

    Data Scientist

    Rupak Roy

    Mr. Roy also popularly known as Bob is a Data Scientist and Ai Designer of Data2Dimensions, a site for an easy and complete actionable intelligence based on AI, Big Data, IoT for business growth needs with a mission "We Rise By Lifting Others". He also developed D2Academics for students as well as for professionals for a successful career move tailored by cutting edge silicon valley technologies. His recent development includes D2Forms to connect people with data and discover synchronicity that leads one thing to another. Tuliemo #Made in Finland project to provide voice and overcome the great fear of self expression.

    "Imagine a privilege to do what we love and do it in a way that can actually connect people directly in a profound way." -- Bob Rupak Roy

Course curriculum

Pricing options

Jump start a promising Big Data career with a minimum price of $1099 299 HURRY! Join and share "We Rise By Lifting Others" offer.

Bonus material

In addition to full course access, you will also receive:

  • Free course content

    We believe one of the core strengths of a training is flexibility, thus we have designed the course modules in a way that the contents that you will learn you can download it at free of cost, so that you can access your course contents and learn it at your own pace anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

  • Bonus material

    We provide all the tools bundled in a cloudera operating system for you to quickly start your big data analysis instead of following tedious steps of downloading and installing each big data applications. In additional we bring you case studies, eBooks, articles, references, blogs at free of cost ready to leverage you with extra benefits to your overall learning experience.

  • 1-year hands-on experience

    Recruiters around the globe are increasingly seeing the value of hands-on experience rather than just learning from just a text books. To meet the fasting changing industrial needs the course contents are designed intensively with industry projects to keep you ahead of any challenges for a fast growing industrial needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Who is the targeted audience?

    • Students and professionals who want to apply machine learning techniques to real world big data problems.
    • Anyone who has the passion to develop expertise in Big Data Technologies.
    • Software Engineers or Developers.
    • Data Warehousing or Business Intelligence Professionals.
    • Data Scientist and Machine Learning Enthusiasts.
    • Data Engineers and Big Data Architects.

  • Minimum Requirements.

    • Basic understanding of programming skills.
    • Basic understanding of structured query languages like Mysql, Microsoft SQL, Oracle.
    • Ability to work with Unix/Linux platforms.
    • A computer system of minimum dual core processing power with 4 GB RAM or above.
    • All the software and tools used are freely available with the course.

  • Why Big Data is so important?

    The foundations of the three "V's" of Big Data are:
    Volume: That is the immense amount of data. Each day 2.3 trillion gigabytes of new data is being created.
    Velocity: The speed of incoming data and processing. For example streaming data to produce near or real time results.
    Variety: The different types of data, structured as well as unstructured.
    The combination of these factors are so complex that they are difficult to process using traditional data processing applications. Big Data technologies provides the platforms, methods and technologies to capture, store, search & analyze the data to find new correlations, relationships and trends that were previously unavailable.
    With a span of 3 years every organizations are migrating its traditional database to Big Data platforms. Thus big data career holds a promising future.

  • What are the career progression paths of Big Data professionals?

    • Entry Level (0-1 year exp) - Junior Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Junior Data Miner, Analytics Consultant, Machine Learning Analyst, Research Analyst.
    • Mid Level (3-5 yrs exp)- Senior Data Scientist, Senior Business Analyst, Senior Data Analyst, Senior Data Miner and Analytics Consultant, Mid-Level Machine Learning Analyst and Research Analyst.
    • Advanced Level (8+ yrs exp)- Senior Manager – Analytics, Data Management Director, Senior Manager – Analytics, Vice President – Analytics, Principal Analytics Consultant.