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Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the new area of computer science and AI concerned with the application of computational techniques to the analysis and synthesis of natural language & speech. By combining the power of AI & computational linguistics NLP gives systems the ability to understand, interpret and manipulate human language by simulating the human ability to understand a language. Natural Language Processing is at the center of AI revolution adds features like understanding the sentiments, cluster of words used or predict the next response and augmented with systems boosts the computing power with less human interface. Thus we have designed and bundled this course for all skill levels even if one have no programming skills or statistical background.
The Next Gen

What you'll learn

This course features on:

  • Next Gen Intelligence

    Learn and master the power of AI with computational linguistics in world's leading R programming language

  • Core AI

    The course covers all the key concepts of NLP from replicating functions of the human mind to predicting.

  • Real World Case Studies

    To leverage your overall learning experience we have bundled the course with real life data for hands-on experience to solve real world problems.

Learning Outcome

Full Guide to Natural Language Processing stack: sentiment analysis, frequent words used and their clusters, topic modeling, network mapping, prediction and more.

  • Learn and master data transformation, create text corpus, remove spare terms with Tm package and manipulate text data using regular expression.

  • Perform sentiment analysis to know the negative or the positive response and topic modeling using LDA to identify the topics of 1000 documents without being going through each.

  • Understand the connection of each words using Network analysis or even cluster the words used to solve problems like search keywords used to arrive on the website. Follow our program syllabus in course curriculum to know more in detail.

Featured Instructor

Our expert instructors are here to support you

  • Rupak Roy

    Data Scientist

    Rupak Roy

    Mr. Roy also popularly known as Bob is a Data Scientist and Ai Designer of Data2Dimensions, a site for an easy and complete actionable intelligence based on AI, Big Data, IoT for business growth needs with a mission "We Rise By Lifting Others". He also developed D2Academics for students as well as for professionals for a successful career move tailored by cutting edge silicon valley technologies. His recent development includes D2Forms to connect people with data and discover synchronicity that leads one thing to another. Tuliemo #Made in Finland project to provide voice and overcome the great fear of self expression.

    "Imagine a privilege to do what we love and do it in a way that can actually connect people directly in a profound way." -- Bob Rupak Roy

Course curriculum


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Course bonus

In addition to full course access, you will also receive:

  • Free course content

    We have designed and packed the training modules in a way that the contents, R scripts that you will learn you can download it at free of cost, so that you can practice your NLP course contents at self paced schedule.

  • Extra study materials

    To advance your natural language processing learning career path we added eBooks, blogs, references, articles, necessary R tools and scripts at free of cost ready to leverage you with extra benefits to your overall learning experience.

  • 1-year hands-on experience

    To keep up the value of hands-on experience rather than just learning from just a text books the course contents are designed intensively with industry projects to keep you ahead of any challenges for a fast growing R programming industrial skil

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Who is the targeted audience?

    • Students and professionals who wish deriving insights from social media or text data.
    • Anyone who want to advance the interactions between computers and human languages.

  • Minimum Requirements

    • Should have prior experience of R and RStudio.
    • Prior experience of statistical and machine learning techniques will be beneficial.

  • Why Natural Language Processing is so important?


  • What are the career progression path for NLP professionals?

    • Natural Language Processing Engineer: generally functions as a bridge between machines and human and is concerned to improve interaction between human language and a machine by analyzing the spoken and written languages and relative patterns associated with it.
    • Data Scientist: with a vast knowledge of NLP to create a solution which can be analyze and understand the sentiments or the language which human can easily understand with Machine Learning and Business Intelligence tools. Data Scientist stands high as the Everest.
    • Data Analyst: Since 2016, the number of twitter posts increased 60% more than 850,000 tweets per minute and with each day passes by the world will generated data 50times more than now and with that to analyze those data, data analyst jobs will never have to see the face of recession.
    • Business analyst: with the role of defining and managing the business requirements by understanding the consumer interactions or reviews, business analyst takes the lead in every business decision making process of organization.

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