R Language

A Silicon Valley Language

2016 The journey of analytics started with SAS and R language. They were the top 2 statistical computing tools with 80% of the market share until in 2017 R language being free and open source data analysis software for innovative and important work in science, education and industry took the lead in statistical computing. The R language is designed for analysts, data scientist, research & development programs and for all skill levels so one can concentrate more on analysis rather than coding. Hence we have also designed this course for all skill levels even if one have no programming or statistical background. In summary the training is packed with real life analytics challenges which you will learn to solve using R language.
R Language

What you'll learn

This course features on:

  • Silicon Valley Language

    Learn and master the essentials of statistical computing and machine learning with world's leading R programming language

  • Leap from coding to analysis

    The course covers 45 lessons on how to perform statistical computing and machine learning with high speed of computing and less time on coding.

  • Real World Case Studies

    Packed with real life analytical challenges for hands-on experience for each machine learning and statistical computing on how to solve real world problems.

Learning Outcome:

Full Guide to implementing data science to machine learning algorithms without a single line of coding using R statistical programming language.

  • Learn and master how to manipulate data, impute missing values and visualization using base graphics, ggplot & geo-spatial plots.

  • Learn and perform exploratory analysis and work with different file type & data sources.

  • Follow our program syllabus in course curriculum to know more in detail.

Featured Instructor

Our expert instructors are here to support you

  • Rupak Roy

    Data Scientist

    Rupak Roy

    Mr. Roy also popularly known as Bob is a Data Scientist and Ai Designer of Data2Dimensions, a site for an easy and complete actionable intelligence based on AI, Big Data, IoT for business growth needs with a mission "We Rise By Lifting Others". He also developed D2Academics for students as well as for professionals for a successful career move tailored by cutting edge silicon valley technologies. His recent development includes D2Forms to connect people with data and discover synchronicity that leads one thing to another. Tuliemo #Made in Finland project to provide voice and overcome the great fear of self expression.

    "Imagine a privilege to do what we love and do it in a way that can actually connect people directly in a profound way." -- Bob Rupak Roy

Course curriculum

Pricing options

Learn the AI language of tomorrow with a minimum fee of $799 99 HURRY! Join and share "We Rise By Lifting Others" offer.

Course Bonus

In addition to full course access, you will also receive:

  • Free course content

    We have designed and packed the training modules in a way that the contents, R scripts that you will learn you can download it at free of cost, so that you can practice your course contents and learn it at self paced scheduled.

  • Extra study materials

    To advance your R learning career path we added eBooks, blogs, references, articles, necessary R tools and even R scripts at free of cost ready to leverage you with extra benefits to your overall learning experience.

  • 1-year hands-on experience

    To keep up the value of hands-on experience rather than just learning from just a text books the course contents are designed intensively with industry projects to keep you ahead of any challenges for a fast growing R programming industrial skills.

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  • Who is the targeted audience?

    • Students and professionals who wants to apply data science and machine learning skills to solve real world problems.
    • Students and professionals with no prior programming background.
    • Anyone interested in becoming a Data Scientist.
    • Anyonelooking for a job in the statistical analysis field

  • Minimum Requirements

    • Computer system of atleast Dual Core with 4 GB ram or above.
    • Basic understanding of statistics.
    • R and R studio (included in this course)

  • Why R Statistical Language is important?

    R is now considered as the most popular analytic tool in the world. Estimates of some users range from 250000 to over 2 million. Since it is very simple and easy to learn for new peoples who have no prior programming background can spend more time on analysis rather than coding.
    Companies like Google, Facebook, Genpact, Accenture, MuSigma and many others are adopting the R platform.
    It is a type of language which is having very vast scope in IT as well as the NON-IT field.

  • What are the career path for R programming professionals?

    Career in R programming offers bright job prospects for any data scientist. There is also a huge demand for R programmers with various positions like: R data scientist, Data scientist(IT) Analyst manager, Senior data analyst, Business analyst, Analyst consultant.